About AMI


Towards the Kingdom of God

Associate Movement International – AMI is a socio – spiritual Movement with the basic approach to keep open God’s Kingdom for all men and women of various faiths. Though DMI/MMI were born as religious societies in answer to the cries of the poor in their many faces, right from our prophetic birth, we have always preached and worked for a new world and new human race to be born in the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom we proclaim is a “Kingdom of God” that embraces people of all faith. In our march towards this Kingdom, we have always embraced men and women of good will who are willing to collaborate and partner with us in all our initiatives. Reading the signs of the times and realizing the need for such a move, at this point in time, we have launched a Movement called “Associate Movement International” – AMI on 17.11.2010 during the MMI II General Chapter.


» Working towards and being part of the “Kingdom of God” by promoting spirituality at individual, family and all levels.

» Looking forward and being prepared for the new world to emerge by constructing a Knowledge Grid empowered by spiritual strength.

» Anticipating and striving for a new generation by bringing about sociological, spiritual, intellectual, scientific and technical development into human lives.


» We will build up the spirituality of people at the individual, family and social level through organizing retreats, conferences, seminars and workshops. This will be done embracing people of all faiths.

» We will try to group together enlightened people in the fields of academics, sociology, ecology, science & technology, and those in the field of politics and governance and form a Knowledge Grid. They will be encouraged to conceive ideas for the betterment of humanity and the Universe.

» We will set up Research and Development projects where the conceived ideas could be studied, researched and converted into practical strategies and implemented for the welfare of humanity and Universe.

“Associate Movement International” – AMI shall remain an international organization with its members spread across all parts of the World. Irrespective of the faith they profess and regardless of sex, caste, color and nationality, all men and women of good will, who are liberal and tolerant in their approach and are desirous of working towards a better world and establishing the “Kingdom of God” will be our Associates in this Movement. While continuing to practice their own faith and to live in their own families, they may collaborate with us in working for the dawn of a new world and new generation to be born in the “Kingdom of God”.

As a Movement, it is different from static Society. It keeps moving and changing according to the signs of the time. The Movement will not be guided very much by rigidity of rules and regulations except those essential for cohesiveness. It will have the speed, efficacy and efficiency in acquiring knowledge and resources; and employing them for the welfare of humanity and the well being of the Universe.